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** Welcome To The Japan ShotoJuku - Samurai Dojo **

You are about to enter into a unique experience. The study of Karatedo is a world unto itself filled with different customs and traditions. Our style – Shotokan is from Japan so their culture greatly influences our conduct.

The Dojo (training hall - school) is considered a special place, almost sacred. We bow to show respect and humility. We are taught that hard work coupled with humility, respect, discipline* and good sportsmanship are the virtues one must display at all times, both in and out of the Dojo.

The Dojo is traditionally known among the Japanese people as a place where students are instructed in a path leading to self-realization. Students become inwardly inspired from their physical accomplishments yet they do not become outwardly aggressive. Thus all students learn that inner strength and outward humility are the keys to success in all things.



The formal name of our school is the Japan ShotoJuku Samurai Dojo. It may also be called the: “Samurai Dojo”, “Japan ShotoJuku” or simply as “The Dojo.” The Dojo also serves as the "Honbu" or headquarters branch for the SKJF.

ShotoJuku means a special private school of our style founder – Gichin Funakoshi who used the pen name of Shoto meaning Pine Waves. Samurai literally means to serve. Our Dojo is in fact the exclusive Dojo in the Tampa Bay region dedicated to the preservation of authentic Japanese style Shotokan Karatedo.

Shotokan techniques are fast and powerful yet uniquely simplistic and uncomplicated. Shotokan, the original and oldest style from Japan, has achieved astounding popularity and a worldwide following since its inception in 1922.

Classes for both adults and children are conducted in a traditional Japanese atmosphere where discipline* is strong. This helps in the development of character, self-confidence & self-defense skills. More importantly, students are trained to develop inner strength and outward humility. Ego boosting bully tactics are never tolerated and it is further stressed that Karatedo is for self-defense only and not aggression.

Unlike some other local “homemade or trendy” schools, our Dojo is registered in Japan by the Shotokan Karatedo International Federation, the Shotokan Karatedo of Japan Federation and the Zenkoku Karatedo/Kobudo Remmei.

The SKIF~SKJF certifies students ranks that allows them international recognition as opposed to only in an individual school. Additionally, our Dojo also serves as the USA Headquarters for the SKIF~SKJF. We conduct and provide Karatedo seminars hosting such notables as Kancho Hirokazu Kanazawa (10th Dan) the Chief Instructor of SKIF from Japan.



The Chief Instructor of the Japan ShotoJuku Samurai Dojo is O’Sensei Brian R. Fey, Nanadan & Kyoshi (7th Dan - Master Of The Fine Arts). O’Sensei Fey, a certified Japanese Yudansha, has studied Shotokan Karatedo & Kobudo for nearly 4 decades. Having trained directly with such notables such as - H. Kanazawa, H. Fujishima, O. Ozawa, T. Okano, T. Miyazaki, F. Demura. M. Takahashi & K. Funakoshi, O’Sensei Fey continues to share his own invaluable training experiences with his students today. Teaching professionally for more than 25 years, O’Sensei Fey also served as the Chief Instructor for the State University of New York Karatedo Club and the Technical Director for the KenKoJuku Koyu Kai.

Having last competed in the 5th SKIF World Championships held in Yokohama, Japan in 1994, O’Sensei Fey has retired from competition as a proven winner. Over the last four decades, O’Sensei Fey has won many competitions and is now producing his own humble champions. In addition to his study of Karatedo, O’Sensei Fey also holds Yudansha (black belt) grades in Kobudo – ancient Japanese/Okinawa weaponry and has also studied Iaido – drawing and cutting with the Japanese sword.

Serving as the Chief Instructor in the USA for the SKIF~SKJF, O’Sensei Fey currently travels to other Shotokan Dojo teaching seminars and clinics annually. This provides students from other Shotokan Dojo exposure to the highest level of quality training and teaching methods available today.

In addition to Karatedo, O’Sensei Fey also brings nearly 25 years of Law Enforcement experience onto the training floor. A local area Police Department Patrol Supervisor, O’Sensei (Corporal Fey) is also the PD's Firearms & Combat Tactics Instructor. Having also served as a “Child Abuse Investigative Specialist” O'Sensei developed the Stranger Danger A.L.E.R.T. ™ Defense System course for children. This increased focus on safety and awareness skills for children (adults too) is by far superior to any other level of training available anywhere.

Finally, O’Sensei Fey is also a noted author on both Japanese & Karatedo history. Articles on both subjects have appeared in both Budo Dojo and Shotokan Karate magazines.



Students are expected to attend training classes on a regular basis & on time. Karate is not a “seasonal team sport” nor is considered as a "hobby or activity." Karate is a special way of life dedicated to achieving a winning yet humble attitude. As such, training is ongoing and requires serious, dedicated practice for optimum results. Although Karate pratice is a serious undertaking, students are expected to prioritize their personal schedules & time in the following order:

** Family 1st, School/Work 2nd & Karate 3rd **

Although Karate is 3rd on the list, dedicated study will include class attendance 2-3 times weekly with home practice no less than 15 minutes daily. It must be further stressed that Karate study comes before any other extra activities such as team sports. It is said in Japan that "A hunter will go hungry when chasing 2 rabbits." Therefor, Karatedo should be the only rabbit one should attempt to pursue.

Students are required to wear a proper Karate style Gi (uniform) with appropriate rank belt. At no time may shoes be worn on the deck area (wood practice floor). Students shall never do the following while training: Chew gum, eat, drink, smoke, wear jewelry, use profanity or act in any form of disruptive behavior. Discipline* guides a students overall actions & inactions.

Students will also be examined for rank promotion every 3 months. It is during these phases that students acquire the required skills and criteria necessary for rank promotion. All novice students begin at the rank of "Zero (0) Kyu - White Belt and progress through the various Kyu (steps)"color belts" until reaching the 1st Dan (Shodan) "Black Belt" level. When doing so, students literally reach a new beginning in which to continue their training. On average it will take a new student 3 years to reach the Shodan level. It has been further observed that mastery of Karate will take a lifetime to achieve and perhaps even a little longer.

(*Discipline by definition is doing (or not doing) something without being told to do so.)



** Primary Training Schedule **

Monday - Wednesday - Friday

6:30PM ~ *8:30PM


** Supplemental Training **

Tuesday & Thursday - 6:30PM ~ 8:00PM, Saturday 10:00AM ~ 11:30AM



All new students may enroll for training under the Introductory Program. This includes 2 months of unlimited classes & uniform for just $69.00 complete. Regular monthly dues for all established students is only $50.00 for unlimited classes. As an added benefit, students ARE NOT required to sign any lengthy or expensive contracts. For further information come in and visit or call (727) 546-4844. OSS!!


Upcoming Events


Ten Year Dojo Anniversary - Friday, January 24th 2003 - Come participate in the 10 year anniversary celebration of the Dojo's current location. After moving to Florida in 1990, O'Sensei resumed his teaching efforts to a new generation of Floridian students. Training occurred initially at a nearby apartment community room and quickly moved to a City Recreation Center. The Dojo moved to the current location in January 1993.

Kyu/Dan Exam - Friday, March ?? 2003, 7PM - ?PM

Yudansha Review - Friday, April 11th 2003


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The Japan Karatedo ShotoJuku - Samurai Dojo

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